Gasket Paper Manufactured in the UK

At Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd we manufacture and distribute a variety of high quality paper gasket materials in roll format.  Our papers are impregnated with glue/glycerine and dried in a special way to produce a finished material which provides excellent compression and recovery with resistance to fuel, oil and water.   This provides a cost effective sealing solution used widely throughout the automotive industry in low heat applications such as pumps and filters.

Our manufacturing process has remained largely unchanged over the years and relies on naturally sourced products (paper, gelatine, glycerine) requiring minimal chemical intervention, which provides a relatively environmentally friendly product free of heavy metals.  With proper storage conditions, our papers have a shelf life of around five years.

Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd is accredited with ISO9001 and all of our papers comply with ASTM F104 standards, meaning that you can be certain of the quality of our products and service.

  • We export more than 95% of what we make
  • We export to more than 50 different countries worldwide
  • Our registered brand names have been in the marketplace since the 1920’s
  • Our product is ‘Made in England’ to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Our Trademarks are famous across the automotive industry worldwide
  • Our own brand name Flexoid®, which incorporates the highly regarded ‘Made in England’ stamp, widely outstrip sales of all other products.
  • Our other trademarks include Sizoid®, Cranflex®, and Oakenstrong® which is our premium grade paper
  • We produce Firefly TBA® (OJ9) and Karropack on behalf of their owners, along with many other ‘personalised’ brand names
  • Our material conforms to ASTM F104 standards, every roll is traceable and  our production is subject to testing and independent auditing

We extend a warm welcome to you and we thank you for your interest in our Company and the products we supply.