Grade & Roll Length Rationalisation Project

At Jointine Products (Lincoln) Limited, we are always striving to improve the manufacturing process workflow wherever possible. As a result of some recent work, there are some coming changes that our customers need to be aware of.

Please note that this will start from January 2023

Grade Retirement

With the prices of raw materials having increased so sharply in 2021 and 2022 we are in a phase of doing what we can as a company to save costs and therefore not pass increases on to our valuable customers.

With the above in mind, we have been undertaking a factory-wide grade and roll length rationalisation project with the desired outcome to continue to offer a wide range of gasket material thicknesses to our customers whilst retiring the less popular grades. The grades that are being retired are now forming a very small part of our overall annual output and are readily replaceable with other grades from our range.

All retired grades have valid (close to or in spec) alternatives, as can be seen on the table below:

Retired Grades and Alternatives

Roll Lengths

The costs of packaging materials have also very significantly increased this year; this has prompted us to reduce the range of roll lengths that we offer with the aim, again, of keeping the costs we have to pass on to customers to an absolute minimum. We will therefore offer a single roll length per paper grade, as per the table below:

Standard Roll Lengths

Any reduction on the standard roll lengths from the above table (i.e. 100m to 50m, or 25m to 18m) will attract a 5% per m² re-reeling charge.

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