Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd. makes more soft paper gasket material for the automotive and engineering industries than any other producer in the world. This is a far cry from the 1920s when it was a one man concern. Over 95% of production is exported directly overseas.

Trading originally as Jointine Products the company was purchased by Wiggins Teape during the mid 1960s. In 1996 the site at North Hykeham, Lincoln was closed and the gasket business was transferred to the Arjo Wiggins factory in Cardiff. During 1990 as a consequence of rationalisation of their business activities, Arjo Wiggins closed the Cardiff site and put the gasket business up for sale.

It was bought by a Lincoln businessman, Terry Coffey, a former Jointine employee and has been installed in the same premises that the business occupied before the closure of the Lincoln site.