A busy end to the year!

Jointine has remained open for business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are keeping our staff safe by maintaining social distancing in the workplace, and we are actively discouraging non-essential visitors as well as progressing towards a paperless system as far as possible.

In fact, we are very busy! Our lead times are presently around six weeks which you may wish to factor when looking at your near future requirements.

Because we already export worldwide, we are prepared for leaving the EU on 1st January. We will continue to use our usual transport providers and they will continue to make customs declarations on our behalf. If we supply to on an FCA basis (either loaded at our premises, or to UK Port) you will see a change as we will start customs formalities on your behalf – then send you (or your transport provider) the customs declaration number which will enable the goods to continue their journey unhampered.

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