MD Jane Smith to join a private leadership talk with The Rt Hon The Lord Blunkett

Our Managing Director Jane Smith has been personally invited by The Rt. Hon. The Lord Blunkett to join a private leadership talk this week, along with a select few members of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The discussion will focus on how COVID-19 has affected businesses and organisations across the country and will examine decisions resulting from it.

On behalf of Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd, Jane will demonstrate how tenacity, the ability to adapt to difficult times and the foresight to maintain a full workforce has paid dividends, continuing to be able to delight our customers. Jane’s approach has rewarded the business immensely as we now see growth opportunities.

Further challenges lie ahead, in the form of an as yet unknown Brexit resolution with the E.U., although, being an experienced exporter, we are more than up to the task of delivering new trading requirements.

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