Other Products

Whilst we are renown throughout the International marketplace for our brand name FLEXOID®, we also produce and supply SIZOID®, OAKENSTRONG®, CRANFLEX® and WATSONS®.  We are licenced to supply Firefly, sometimes referred to as OJ9.  All materials are produced at our factory in Lincoln, in the United Kingdom.

Cranflex ® gasket material

If you want something more personal, we can also provide you with a specialised branding service.  After a small upfront charge to cover artwork design and the cost of a branding roller, we would be delighted to produce your own brand name on our paper materials.

Jointine Products (Lincoln) Ltd are an official UK distributor of Interface Performance Materials (formerly Interface Solutions Incorporated) providing the UK market with a range of highly technical gasket materials from http://www.interfacematerials.com/products/